Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Its all about Jesus!

Chris Rice has a song that goes like this "its all about you Jesus.....And all this is for you.." We are all created for the sole purpose of fulfilling God's pleasure and worshiping him. Our entrance into the world, our stay in it and our exit are all to fulfill God's pleasure. Nothing that happens in it is because of us. Not because we are so important that is why we were born, neither because of that did we got that job, that promotion, that marriage, that husband or even children.

And better still it is not because he hates us that is why we die and move on to the next world or our loved ones die. In fact it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with him. Interesting enough, the opportunities that we experience as we move along life's pathways makes us feel superior as if the world revolves around us.

We start to plan on how we can make our lives more comfortable. With getting a new job, or going sightseeing or buying extra stuffs for our house. With a little bit of extra money here and there that we seem to need regardless of what we already have. We tend to schedule activities in our lives that seek to improve our lives that end up taking the place of God. Though we don't make graven images and worship them, we have erected mental and societal gods that we worship.Even if it was for improving the lives of others; we normally did it out of satisfying our conscience. Conscience big word huh! but funny how it drives us sometimes to do lots of things. Giving help to a friend in need is most times mis-spelt as love when we are just trying to satisfy our conscience of how it would look in society if it was retold.

The Bible says in In Acts 17:28a Paul says "For in him we live and move and have our being". So the question i want to ask you is this does whatever you are doing at this point in your life please God and fulfills God's will for you life? Is your job doing it? Your marriage? Your going out and your coming in? Does creation rejoice at your waking up moments?

The day we begin to think its about us that is the day we lost it. Sin comes in different packages and one of them that normally has a nice wrapping is that of self contentedness instead of Christ contentedness. That begins the sin of pride which has become the pitfall of most Christians. That was Lucifer's sin.

Move out of yourself for a while and look up to your master Jesus who you follow. He knew exactly who he was but chose to look outside himself and help us. Took upon himself the position of a servant. At the end of the day he was exalted above all things else. In doing so he brought glory to God. Let us choose that and bring glory to our maker.

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