Saturday, 28 February 2015

The woman Behind the Veil (PT 3)

On this day, She was restless and she knew why. She had heard Judah was on his way to Timnah to shear sheep. The time of shearing sheep was a festive one where neighbors gathered amongst friends to celebrate. It had been several years since she had left her father-in-law's house. He had given her the promise that she will be redeemed at a later date by his youngest son Shelah. That hope; for her had since evaporated. Any hope of being married to Shelah was totally gone now. The young man was off age and had been for sometime now. However Judah seemed to have forgotten completely about her. It was obvious Judah blamed the loss of his two sons on her. But she didn't blame him. Who could? She hadn't yet told anyone the intricacies of the matter. Will anyone believe her if she had? Speaking ill of the dead was unheard of and will attract contempt.

But for Tamar what she was struggling to grasp with at the moment wasn't that. Rather, why Judah would not release her from his authority and set her free from his family so she could be free to marry another man of her choice. She was in her prime and she wasn't going to let her season pass her by. She had hatched the perfect plan in her mind and she was only waiting for the opportunity to carry it out. It wasn't going to be easy. She knew the full implications of it but then she had her confidence coming from a higher ground.

Her dreams in the past days had been relentless and yet they had all pointed out to one thing. She was a carrier of Redeemers and Kings. She thought at first it was her worries that had produced these dreams but it hadn't been so. The God of the Universe had finally heard her cries for mercy. It was with these revelations in her spirit that she scorned the consequence of her upcoming actions.

She hurriedly dressed up putting away her widow and mourning garments. She put on lovely garments, adorned herself with precious ornaments, poured a lovely fragrance over herself and picked up her veil. She covered her face with it , only revealing her eyes. She lifted up her eyes to the heavens and sent a quick prayer upstairs and she was out the door.

She wasn't going to miss one minute of this divine appointment. She was going to meet her praise(Judah).  

Story as seen in Genesis 38

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