Saturday, 28 February 2015

The woman Behind the Veil (PT 2)

It had been a couple of days after the incident. It was quiet gloomy but she was keeping herself together amidst the grief. She was in her tent folding up clothes when she heard the scuffle at her door. It was the sound of someone at her doorsteps. She looked up as she heard her name being called out. It was Judah calling. “May I come in?”, he requested.

She signaled him in. She got up from her bed and stood with her head bowed as a sign of respect to the elderly man. He looked a bit uncomfortable as he came in. He appeared to be troubled by something. He went straight to the point as he came towards her

I think you should go back to your father's house Tamar”, Judah spoke. “There isn't much for you to do around here and it will alleviate your grief to be in a different environment. At least if not totally, a fraction of it. Besides ,my youngest son Shelah is not of age yet. I will definitely come for you when he is off age so that he will be given to you for marriage.”, he continued.

So rational and so straight to the point, she thought to herself. There was wisdom to what her father-in-law was saying. A fresh environment would do her great good. She needed to be amongst her own people. And it wasn't like she was going to be missed anyway.
She responded in the affirmative to his request. She would do what he requested.
Early the next morning , Tamar set off with her maid servants to her fathers house. It wasn't much of a journey, though not too long a trip, it was very much welcomed. It was with the hope that she might find rest at her fathers house and be redeemed at a later date.
As seen in Genesis 38

To be Continued....................

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