Friday, 22 July 2011

Only By Grace!

How often do we mention or take the word grace for granted? Grace, grace, grace. It could be a name of a person, used in an expression but hardly a cuss word.

The first man God made was Adam. He was perfect just as his wife Eve. Eve was also perfect. The first woman, wife and mother. she didn't learn from someone or get the opportunity to observe someone perform these roles; she was just it. Whatever role it was, she was it.

Made in the image of God, they possessed the entirety of God himself. They had no inclination to sin but would have definitely identified sin if the devil went straight ahead to say "steal" "lie" or "cheat". The devil didn't do any of it, he just asked a question did God say.............? and you know how the rest of the conversation went.

But this is the interesting part worth noting. After they ate the fruit, they realized they were naked and felt ashamed. So the covered themselves with figs. They were not ashamed at first because they were naked from the very beginning. Open before God, and not ashamed of it. Nothing is hidden before God anyway however when they did realize they were naked, their first inclinations was to cover themselves with figs and under trees. Imagine your ten or fifteen year old daughter who you constantly bathed as a child scream when you enter the bathroom unintentionally.

That is what sin does. It normally comes paired with some guilt and realization which is also not repentance but just pure guilt of a reasoning man. The apostle Paul said "godly sorrow worketh repentance" They tried to cover themselves (their sin) with their own means of justification, their own making. That does not take away our wrongs, its just like hitting against the wrong wall.

Here comes the first act of grace!, God comes in to cover their sin with clothing made of skins of the animal. To get the skin of an animal involves slaughtering that animal. It demands a justification made purely by sacrifice. That which is allowed and accepted by God himself as a sacrifice. Not by their own doing or might but by the simple acceptance of the mercies and constant grace of God shall the fallen race of mankind be saved.

This act of Justification comes in the Lord Jesus Christ. Not in how much we have become perfect in church stuffs, the singing, fasting, praying in tongues and holding our posture and attitudes of holiness, but in the simple meekness of Jesus Christ, the lamb that was slain in you. Revealed each day by your breath, eating, talking and relationship with others. Just that. Reflect on this

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