Friday, 8 July 2011

It is the Little things that do matter!

Attention to details.
Its amazing but insomuch as we don't want to accept it, it is those little things that actually make the difference in our lives. The extra time we chose to give to a friend in bereavement, the extra cent we put aside the constant dripping of water in a bathroom, the extra effort in our work etc.. Its quite tedious anyway so it is understandable if some of us have a problem noticing these little things and it is also frustrating when we are the ones doing those little things but go unnoticed.

Principle of money
Investment laws base on this. It is those little interest that sum up to make a profit . Before you do invest, it is those little savings that we make to invest that counts. Then there is no way we could possibly ignore these things if they would probably bring us fortunes.

Principle of Relationship
Yes, principle of relationship. The little things that we do for our family, friends, colleagues and partners. That little smile we give them on day to day basis could lift the spirit of a discouraged person. The thank you and the sorry's we mutter to confirm our appreciation and acknowledging our mistakes could strengthen our relationship with others or break them. A harsh word or ungrateful gesture. A little note of gratitude could change a lot of things

Principle of communication
The science of communication is as simple as relaying your message and receiving a message. But how often do we get the message all wrong because we did not observe the little things. The mood of the person, gesture, tone could all relay something different from what comes out of the lips. How many times have we jumped into a conversation not waiting for the other person to finish only for us to realize that we got it all wrong. If we could have just waited for the person to end what he was saying.

Gradually, the things that go into our bodies are the same that kill us each day. It does not occur the same day we take it but pile up over time to kill us. A little extra butter on our bread, the fried eggs, and the cholesterol we seem to overlook daily. Its what builds up the cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the likes. In the same way, it is a little exercise in a day, water, fruits and vegetables could change something in our lives.

So why don't we slow down for a while and pay attention to those details around us before we finally lose it and it gets out of control. Lets appreciate what life gives us and lets manage it well.

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