Friday, 17 June 2011

Bend but don't break!

Have you ever observed a palm tree bending over by the force of a wind. Ever thought it would break? Well on most coastline this is a normal occurrence. The palm trees sway in the direction of the wind but on other times the force of the wind causes the tree to bend middle way near breaking point! yes breaking point.
Ever gotten to that point in your life before? Near breaking point!
Huh! It's even made worse when you don't have anyone to talk to at the moment. Like living in a world inside you whilst the outside world shouts and screams all around you. When you feel that a particular situation is never going to end. When you go to bed wishing tomorrow would never come but it does anyway. Where when you wake up, you wonder how you are going to survive the rest of the day.

Life comes in shapes and sizes, sometimes it does come in colors too. Neither of them asked you for your permission to come but they did anyway so they are not supposed to be your preference but they would be based on how you receive them. When life's storm comes along, its okay to bend over. Bending over sometimes builds your resilience for life. Most of our best ideas, inspirations and creativity even comes when we are in our darkest hours, yes when we are so down and the world around us is so high they can't distract us as we re-strategise.

So whatis with this that you fear so much? Is it failure? Is it being alone? Make good use of your time whilst you are down, when you feel all alone. There is somebody who is already waiting for us as we come to that point. That is Jesus! The perfect gentleman. He knows you more than you know yourself and knows exactly what you need. Why don't you spend a little time in prayer right now asking him to help you get over that situation. Call him now! Revelation 3:20

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