Thursday, 28 February 2013


It was dawn and nature was stirring up to call forth the Morning. A cool breeze came through the window stirring Rahab from her sleep. She opened her eyes. As she lay down silently; she came abreast with her surroundings again. It was still dark but she knew it was just a few hours before the whole town came alive again.

As she lay down, she could hear the sound of the breeze raising her curtains, she could hear the crow of a cock from the distant house and again the steady heartbeat of her night lover, Uriah.
Wait! It was time for him to leave. She moved from her side of the bed to cover herself. This made the man beside her stir in his sleep. He might have sensed the empty space by him but still went on sleeping. She quickly covered herself and went to his side and whispered in his ear; 

“Uriah! Uriah! Get up; it’s time to go”.
Uriah opened his eyes and blinked. Trying to come to grasp of his surroundings, he blinked a third time.
“It’s time to go’, Rahab said again.

The man understood exactly what that meant. He grudgingly got up from bed and began to dress.
He was in the house of the most renowned prostitute in the land of Jericho and its surroundings. She had many clients; the high and noble as well as the ordinary. This is because she maintained an inn where she welcomed visitors and locals. The location of her abode served her well to all intent and purposes. She was located right by the city’s wall. This made it most comfortable for the well respected to sneak in and out and still maintain their dignity.

He was a well respected man and didn’t want others seeing him come out of his mistress house. Not at this time of the day. It would cause a big dent on his image. He finished dressing. On his way out, he slipped 120 pieces of silver into the coin bag hanging by the door and stepped out.
His senses were sharpened as a fresh breeze slapped him into reality.
Meanwhile, inside the house, Rahab was putting things in order. She opened her curtains to allow in more breezes to remove the stale air within the house. She folded some clothes and straightened the bed. She took her water jug and stepped out to take her bath.

To be continued.........................

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