Friday, 18 May 2012

………..As we forgive them their trespasses

It is so easy to pray the Lord’s Prayer and skim through and get it done with. God told us to ask him everything we want and he will give it to us, but there was one that he said he would give to us based on when we give it out. This is when we forgive others their trespasses against us.

Hmmm….not that easily done as said. In the words of Jesus he says “for if you do not forgive your brothers sins against you; your heavenly father will also not forgive you of yours.” When peter; his disciple asked him “lord, how many times should I forgive my brother, seven times? The master answered no; but seventy-seven times Matthew 18:21-22

So who should I forgive? Who deserves my forgiveness? Everyone. This includes the rapist, the molester, the thief, our neighbor who chooses every chance to find an error in us, mothers, dads, everyone. What type of sin? Every sin. Whether expected of or not. Whether major or little. Everything. Why should I forgive? Because Jesus said so and nothing else.

What happens when we have unforgiveness in our hearts?
When we have unforgiveness in our hearts and we pray, our prayers our blocked from the throne room of God. We have prevented God from hearing us. God operates on principles. The devil has no power, he was stripped totally on the cross but he also operates on principles. So why should God go outside his will and word? When we have unforgiveness in our hearts and we present our offerings to God, it is unacceptable to him. Our offerings are our worship, our lives to God himself. So if he refuses it then what is going to happen to us?

But it hurts, it hurts so bad……
If ever raped before, that would be the last thing on your mind to do to the one who raped you. If you were abandoned by your parents at birth and only for them to reappear later in your life, you wouldn’t even want to see their face. Yes it hurts so bad but you can’t heal yourself. There is one who can. Jesus was hurt more than you have been. He is the only one who has been hurt to the level no human being has ever experienced. Let me tell you what happened;
Born into this world, he showed himself to people who should have known better; but they said he was a demon, ridiculed and crucified him. 
He called a few friends around him and showed them who he was; one betrayed him to his enemies and the rest scattered. 
His chief vocalist denied he ever knew him three times as he watched him do it. 
Was publicly whipped with thirty nine lashes of rope made up of cattle bones and nails until he couldn't walk properly
He was stripped of his clothing, pierced with nails to a wooden cross by people he had control over. 
Nailed naked on a cross on top of a hill for all to see. 
As people watched; some he healed did not want to look at him, others mocked him, his mother stood there crying with no comfort 
He was crucified with thieves who deserved their punishment but he didn’t. One thief mocked him even whilst chained to the cross. 
And the most painful………His father. His father looked away because though naked he had on a garment of sin. That which his father hates. His father who was his only comfort.

In all this he said………………”father forgive them for they do not know what they do” Not that he deserved all this but because you have sinned and his father wanted nothing to do with you. He had to restore your relationship with him. So he took your place instead of you. And you think that is all? Every time you do something not according to his will for you it happens again. And for those who reject him inspite of all this and do not believe he exist, it happens again

Well I understand but let’s talk reality “how do I forgive this person who…….”
Open your mouth and tell yourself I forgive you “mention person’s name” If possible walk to the person and say I forgive you. The devil will make sure as the days go by to remind you of what the person did. So keep repeating it to yourself.
When your brother slaps you on one cheek; turn the other to him. Let’s be real here. Its either the next slap after the first slap will be on the offenders cheek or I will simply leave but there is no way am offering him/her my other cheek. But remember how Jesus went on after this saying that “when your brother takes away your garments give him your cloak too”.  It simply means “keep on doing the good you were doing at first. Do not stop. God is the one that rewards.
So what if the same person does it again. Pray for the person. Join forces and pray. Go on your knees and pray again. Pray for strength, pray for wisdom but forgive again.

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  1. Wow this is something. Glory to God for great things He is doing with minds like yours. Keep it up girl.