Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dare To Believe!

Yes dare to believe for that is all there is to our christian walk. If God said it, take it as it is. No doubt within, not one hand on the plough with the other idle. Not with one closed eye and the other opened to see whether he will come up with a trick. Just believe. That is all he asks of us.

All the people who walked with God were recommended for their belief in God. Some received the promise, others didn't. Nevertheless they forged ahead against all odds; believing the one who promised them that he is true. The father of faith Abraham was given the promise of a son exactly at the point where it was seemingly impossible by human standards to give birth. Not only that; after the promised son was given God asked him to sacrifice him.

Some would say well "what did Abraham see" for him to agree and go straight ahead without any challenge to the mountain to sacrifice his son? Remember he knew he was dealing with God but he had never seen him. Answer : because he believed the one he called his God and not only that but also believed that by some mysterious means even if he lost his to death, God was able to raise him up or better still give him another. Simple as that, he believed the one who called him.

How he did it we do not know, but this is what we know that it pleased God well and it was accounted to him Abraham as righteousness. If the lord tells you to stay at a place; stay there till he tells you to leave. If he tells you to lay something down, it is as simple as that. But whatever word you hear from him; Hold on to it with all your might, with all your strength. Not just that run with it, act on it. Pull down every thought, every imagination that exalts itself against the word given you and hold on to it. Try it and see......


  1. Amen and God bless you for the word of truth.

  2. The rule is to Trust and Obey cos there's not other way to be happy in Christ. After all God has established HIS word on earth and exalted his name in heaven so whether we believe or not, He will ensure performance of HIS word.