Thursday, 15 December 2011

Our Father!

Beginning words of the Lord's prayer "Our father". I grew up without knowing who my father was, stayed with my grand mum and kept questioning her. It was not that she was not enough for me. She was all i could ever ask for and was the right package of parenting i needed. But there was something i knew i was missing. I used to observe my friends with their fathers and wished i could borrow their dad's.

I noticed their fathers were there to train them, guide them on their paths, show them which paths were right and which parts were wrong. Sometimes they represent their children in certain places that the children could go and speak for themselves. They defend them when necessary. I have not even gotten to the outing and shopping parts yet. I saw my friends enjoy that. Some of my friend's dad could not do all that but at least they tried to do the basics for them.

For some others whose father's were still alive but never had them playing a role in their life would like to think they never had. For some of us who grew up without "father's" sometimes the first line of the lord's prayer may just be a recital without really pausing to understand what we just said. Or you could have grown up with one but may still not really understand what you are saying.

Look at the roles father's play in our life and see whether God does any different in here. Our fathers takes responsibility for;


All this packaged in one role of a father. Each and every single soul on earth has a father-God. The one who is the source of all creation. Let me explain;

God wakes us each morning and puts us to sleep at night. Would you be able to tell me exactly how you woke up and how you finally fell asleep? He is right at the center of every stage of our life, never missing in action. Nothing escapes him. The very hairs on your head are all counted and he notices it when one falls when you don't even notice. He holds your life itself in his hands and protects your going out and your coming in. You are graven in his palm. Isaiah 49:17 says "Behold, I have engraved you upon the palms of my hands;" How can you forget that which is written in your palm? He has your name right there. Nobody can take you out of his hands because no one could.

He provides food for all his creation. Psalm 145:15 says "The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time" Have you ever wondered how God has the time to make sure that, those ants you constantly trample under foot is fed and at the same time feeds the big lion and elephant in the forest? You think you can answer that for me? And you are neither in the image of the ant, lion nor the elephant. God's own image and likeness. Thought enough to create you and give you life to read this blog. So you honestly want to tell me God changed in between creation and now in such a way that he can't provide for you. Is his hands too short that he cannot provide or deliver? Does he change? Where is the shadow of turning with him? Jesus said "if you who are even wicked would not give your children stone when they ask for bread; how much your heavenly father"

God guides us each day. Not a day passes by that he by the prompting of his spirit does show us what we should do. If only we would listen well enough to hear him. He gives us direction, Shows us what to do, how we should relate with our neighbors even those who hate us. Everything we ever needed and would need is given.

We are his: isn't that wonderful? Someone actually owns you and takes full responsibility for you. When you buy a car, you own it. See how you take care of it. We are better than cars because we were not even bought with money but with Jesus own blood.. Fully paid. Inspite of all these he God does not hoard over us but still gives us this thing we call "free will" or "choice". It is through this that he establishes the relationship with us. Not like masters over slaves, but that of father and children, not the one that bullies us and whips and does not want to see our face and is always busy. But the one that has time itself in his hands and welcomes us into his very presence. Not the one that cannot be approached but the one that calls us whilst we still play in the dirt for a hug.

So then understand this, "Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name". Don't just rush through this prayer but mean every word of it because he hears it and knows what we mean and need even before we say it. David said "even before a word is on my tongue, oh lord you know it" So don't try and impress him with your big jargon's and big languages you don't even understand. Let your heart pray and let your mouth speak what your heart is saying........

Enough with the rush and the pretense. know that your father knows you more than you know yourself.

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  1. There is no father with much compassion as Baba God, even when we went astray, he came to buy us back with HIS precious blood. He never gives up on us, like some earthly fathers do.