Friday, 11 November 2011

Love Poem

For every time my heart beats; it is saying Lord i love you For every breath i take in; it is to say i love you
For every breath i exhale; that is also an i love you message.
For every time i open my eyes on my bed I love you.
And for the last time i close my eyes to sleep; i love you
For every bird i hear singing your praises; It is a song of love for you.
All creation bring their praises to you.
The birds sing in the morning and glory in your presence and brightness.
The mountains stand tall and proud to show your glory.
And the valleys roll as low as they can get to exalt you the king.
The sea may roll but for a while, it does not exceed it borders.
I was created in your own image to show forth your glory.
Who is like unto you God. Neither in the heavens nor on the earth below.
Your origin no one knows and there is no end to you.
Your are great and you are awesome.
Your hold the entire world on nothing but your word and they hold still.
The entire host of heaven rejoices in your presence and your glory.
Your love burns like fire for all to see.
Let that which exalts itself in me be humbled
Bring me to my knees and let me know you more


  1. haha christian.......which part of the bible would it fit, after songs of solomon?