Friday, 5 August 2011

Did God say?

Guess what; the opening line of the devil when he addressed the first beings on earth. He asked Eve to verify and confirm what God did say. When he approached Jesus his opening line was in the same line. " if you are the son of God........... Is it surprising then that he should repeat his first weapon he used on Adam and eve again on Jesus?

Lets apply this to our very lives. Can you trace your steps back to the very point at which you started doubting what God said? Can you follow that line to where it actually ended you? I guess it wasn't that much profitable either. It is surprising sometimes what we do compare what God says about us to what our parents, teachers, friends or even relatives think about us when it is so below the standard.

The day we start to take the words of God that we are supposed to live by as meaningless and not worthwhile. That is the day we start doubting and losing out on who we actually are. The very image of God. Temptations do not hang in the air or lie somewhere in wait for us. It comes to us in the form of our thoughts. Someone once said our mind is the battle ground.

So what would it be, God's spoken word to you? Or your assessment of a situation or what others say about you? Just think about it!

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